Pregnancy Aromatherapy Massage

Price: £55
Duration: 60 minutes

enhance wellbeing and reduce stress

Pregnancy Massage is a great way to enhance wellbeing and reduce stress. Soothing massage techniques calm the nervous system, release muscular tension and boost energy levels.

Massage during pregnancy not only feels good, it has many benefits for both mum and baby. It can reduce stress and relief from the normal discomforts associated with pregnancy .

Here are just some of the many benefits of Pregnancy Massage:
Reduces stress; Reduce joint & muscle pain; Reduces lower back pain; Reduces Pregnancy Headaches; Helps with hormonal imbalances; Sinus congestion; Helps with sleep & insomnia; Boosts blood circulation; Reduces swelling; Improves Immunity; Boosts mood; Relaxing; Plus, many more!

Aromatherapy Massage specifically tailored to your needs makes this treatment a wonderful experience for mum to be!

The treatment includes a 60 minute massage plus a 15 minute initial consultation.

* Pregnancy treatments are for clients who are 12 weeks pregnant or more.